Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Opting For Laser Hair Removal Is A Smart Choice

Unwanted hairs are problem in the way of maintaining personal hygiene. In order to get rid of them, most sought after treatments include waxing, use of hair removing creams, and shaving. But nothing keeps the hair from growing back for the longest possible time than the laser hair removal. It is the proven effective method for removing body hair.

Removal of body hair by laser aims at gently providing freedom the unwanted body hair. In comparison to the traditional methods of hair removal, removal of body hair by laser is class apart because of following reasons:

• It is a comfortable method with normally no pain during the procedure.

• Unlike traditional methods like waxing and hair removing creams, laser removal of hair does not cause any skin irritation or related side effects.

• In contrast to the traditional methods which need to be used every few weeks, laser removal of hair is much longer lasting.

• The method focuses on larger areas at one time and not on individual hairs. This makes it even more effective.

• It is a process that consumes very little time as compared to other methods. Facial hair can be removed within 45 minutes but in case of larger areas to be treated, time consumed is longer.

You can choose to treat the hair of your chest, legs, bikini area, and back treated with laser. It is the best available form of hair removal. You will be requiring multiple sessions of laser based upon the hair color, size of area to be treated, and the thickness of your hair.

There are various price variations depending upon the area, the reputation of clinic, and the experience of the clinic in the field. It is important to do the research to find the laser hair removal pricing that fits your budget. You can opt to ask for financing facilities and packages to ease of the burden on your pocket.

Today, due to busy life schedule, laser treatments for hair removal are becoming popular than ever. After a laser treatment for unwanted hairs, you can easily slip into your beautiful off shoulder evening dress for the party and can bask into sun in your bikini without worrying about body hair and the need to go for fortnightly painful waxing sessions. It is s safe, effective, and approved method that can be used for larger areas.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

All You Want To Know About IPL Treatment

Skin is undoubtedly the most important physical feature. It is therefore advisable to take good care of skin. But due to various genetic factors, aging, sunlight exposure, or other reasons, we tend to develop variety of skin problems. Markets now a days are flooded with skin care products and methods that prevent the people from choosing the right one for their skin.

Intense pulsed light, popularly known as IPL is a laser-based technology which can help make a variety of skin problems better and erase completely. IPL makes use of non-ablative mixture of many wavelengths of light which work beneath the surface of skin to reduce skin spots, discoloration, and redness. It is very effective in treating:

• Freckles
• Age spots
• Pigmentation problems
• Acne scars
• Ruddy skin
• Birthmarks
• Sun spots
• Rosacea

The major benefits of IPL treatment are:

• It is a quick procedure and sometimes offers very instant results.
• The procedure is near painless. Most of the clients do not report any discomfort during the procedure.
• It does not require any downtime. The patients can even receive the treatment during their lunch break and can resume activities shortly after the session.
• The IPL treatment is suitable for all skin types and is very safe.
• It is a great way to seek skin rejuvenation and get rid of aging skin in the areas of neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

IPL is widely used to restore the skin to a more youthful appearance by enhancing the skin tone. Prior to seeking treatment with IPL, meet your doctor to discuss your goals to find out the best way to address problem area. Your doctor may perform a spot test to check out your skin reaction to the proposed treatment. It is a simple procedure that involves emitting of high intensity pulses of light to the skin. The clinic may use different IPL instruments depending upon the levels of penetration.

You may notice a little redness or pinkish discoloration to the treated areas but that goes away very soon. You will be advised to take proper skin care which will include washing the area twice a day with cool water. Take good care of keeping the skin well moisturized and try to avoid any contraindicated products containing vitamin C or Retin.

IPL is a non-invasive procedure with the biggest advantage of minimal downtime. It is a painless alternative to other options of skin rejuvenation.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Most Effective Acne Treatments

Are you frustrated of trying various types of acne treatments that are not working for you? Do you wish to get rid of your acne effectively without getting into any false promises of treatment? If yes, here is a piece of information about effectively proven acne treatments that can work great for you:

• Microdermabrasion: This treatment involves abrasion of the damaged layer of skin and helps in evening out the skin surface.
• Intense Pulsed Light: This is one of the safest acne care treatments meant basically to cure inflammatory acne.
• Light Chemical peel: To soften lines, acne scars, and even the pigmentation, light chemical peels are very effective.

If your acne is making your skin look unhealthy and is becoming a cause of your low self-esteem, consult your dermatologist to advise you of the right acne treatment for you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are You Thinking About Laser Tattoo Removal?

Getting a tattoo is a very exciting thing but when it comes to removing it, one needs to seek a treatment that is effective. Despite the emergence of various tattoo removal creams, lotions, and other temporary methods, laser tattoo removal has popularly emerged on the top of all other tattoo removal methods.

If you wish to seek a treatment that will provide value for your money and is effective in erasing off your annoying tattoo, going for laser tattoo removal is a safe bet. Here are a few tips for you before you undergo laser tattoo removal:

• Avail a pre-consultation to discuss treatment options given the size, complexity, location, and depth of the tattoo.
• You can undergo a skin test before you undergo treatment.
• Discuss about the cost of tattoo removal and the number of visits necessary.
• Select a tattoo removal clinic that is reputed and has a good number of satisfied customers.

Having a clear idea about the expectations and costs related to the procedure will help you make the right choice. You can schedule a consultation with the tattoo removal specialist to know more about laser tattoo removal.