Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zerona Laser Treatment – An Innovative Way of Getting Rid Of Extra Flab

It is not uncommon for people across the globe to try out diverse means of getting rid of their unwanted fat. While following a strict diet and a regular exercise regime are the conventional methods of losing body weight, they are not very effective if you want to get in shape at a short notice. There are some people who opt for the surgical method of liposuction but surgery is definitely not a risk free option. That is why an increasing number of people are opting for Zerona Laser as a means of reducing their extra flab. Even though Zerona laser treatment is a relatively new technique of fat removal, it is becoming increasingly popular as a safe means of getting back in shape.

Zerona laser treatment works by cutting down the unwanted fat cells with the help of cold laser energy emitted directly into the skin tissue. This emission causes the fat cells to break down and liquefy and then be flushed out from the body. Zerona laser technique is not only safe but also a quicker way of getting a slimmer and sexier figure. It is perfect for reshaping your waistline, hips and thighs within a matter of weeks. Moreover, your body continues to loose weight even weeks after you have undergone Zerona laser treatment. Since Zerona Laser treatment is a relatively new fat loss method, it is advisable to undertake the same at the hands of a well-trained, professional and experienced doctor.

Medispa at Shrewsbury is a pioneering beauty treatment salon that has well trained and experienced staff to undertake even this really sophisticated Zerona laser treatment. This reliable and trustworthy beauty treatment centre has the most modern and highly developed medical technologies that can help in enhancing your looks.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shun Wrinkled and Loose Skin with Titan Laser Treatment

A non surgical and efficient way to face lifting, Titan Laser has already created a sensation in the world of cosmetic surgery. Why not try it our when some of the biggest Hollywood stars have gone through this latest skin lifting procedure and got perfect results.

Its sure shot and accurate results have made it extremely popular with people. This procedure is known to cure the skin problems without causing you uneasiness, soreness or health risks. This laser treatment infiltrates the skin and trigger new collagen formation underneath the skin surface which makes the skin tighten. Stretching and breaking out of the collagen fiber is the main reason of the sagged and wrinkled skin. Titan Laser procedure assists the collagen to contract and thicken so that the dry and saggy skin problem can be solved for a long time and provide us with a healthy and younger look.

Titan Laser can be used not only for the facial rejuvenating purposes but also for body and neck as well. The procedure helps us in defining the beauty of cheeks, neck, forehead and jaw. Recently people have been treated for body parts like arms and thighs with the procedure. But treating areas like knee and the elbow are very difficult but possible.

It takes from 10 minutes to 60 minutes to provide the treatment and depend on the approach and techniques of the doctor. There is almost no pain and hardly any discomfort during the treatment. There can be some redness or swelling after the procedure which can be cured within 1 or 2 hours of treatment.

Though the actual results come in 2 to 3 months of the treatment when the collagen formation start and makes the skin look glowing, smoother and younger but you can feel a visible difference in your skin immediately after the procedure..

Medispa at Shrewsbury brings you the most superior and refined titan laser treatment and intense pulsed light systems to make the magic done. You can take advice of the seasoned physicians and staff that will listen closely to you and then will customize a treatment package that suits perfectly with your budget, requirements and lifestyle.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laser – The Perfect Choice For Removing Hair and Tattoo

Laser hair removal is undoubtedly the most popular non-surgical procedure undertaken by people across the globe for permanent hair removal, although the results tend to vary from person to person. Lasers are used in most electronic equipments such as DVD players, PC’s and even TV remotes. However, the lasers used in various laser clinics are much stronger and effective. They work by discharging light pulses which are absorbed by the melanin found in the hair and cause the destruction the hair root. In case the skin surrounding the hair root is lighter, the energy is condensed on the hair shaft without harming the skin.

It is a fact that laser hair removal is more effective for people who have a fair skin and dark hair. Laser technique can provide the best results only if it is administered during the active growth phase of hair follicles. Due to the diverse phases of hair growth in different areas, a complete treatment requires 8-10 sittings. Given the wide variety of lasers for hair removal, there is surely one that will work for you.

Laser tattoo removal is also based on the same principle, only in this case the laser pulses are absorbed by the colored ink that breaks down and gets absorbed into the body. For multi-colored tattoos, laser pulses of varying frequencies and strengths are used. Since colored ink absorbs light only partially, the procedure is also more time consuming.

Medispa at Shrewsbury is a clinic of repute and is honest with its clients about their eligibility to undertake this treatment. This treatment is not very effective for people having red, white, gray or light blonde hair, although skin color does not matter. With a wide range of lasers available, you can benefit form any one of them only if your skin is lighter than your hair.

For laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal, there is no better choice than Medispa at Shrewsbury, a professional laser clinic having well trained and expert laser technicians. For more information about the diverse beauty procedures offered by Medispa at Shrewsbury, logon to