Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spider Veins Treatment – Using Laser for Excellent Results

Spider veins are purple or red problematic veins that make people look more aged than they actually are. These spider veins usually appear on nose, cheeks, chin and legs. Though they are not dangerous in any way but they make people look and feel old and unattractive. Over the years laser has been used successfully for spider veins treatment by various doctors and practitioners. Nowadays, various clinics offering laser treatments offer specialized procedures to help improve your appearance by treating spider veins.
Lasers for spider veins treatment
Expert practitioners target an exceptionally small, pulsating laser beam on top of the vein. Due to the energy of the laser beam, the veins closes up, falls, fades and in time, disappears completely. In their place, healthy veins assume the blood flow, thus eradicating the troubled spider veins. The number of spider veins treatment sessions differ from person to person and will depend upon the extent of the problem. For very few veins, you'll most likely be called for two to six sessions. Recently, Gentle Yag Laser has come up as an effective new laser for spider vein removal treatment. It is quick- typically lasting less than thirty minutes per session and also ensures minimal discomfort during treatment.

When treating spider veins, it has been observed that facial veins have a higher success rate after a single session. In case of facial veins, the success rate is usually around 75-90% opposed to leg veins that show a 50-75% response after one or two spider veins treatment sessions.

Your skin may acquire reddish appearance after the treatment, although it will be return to normal within a few days. Depending on your condition, optimal results may become visible after several months. The good news is that there is no downtime associated with spider veins treatment and you can resume your routine activity almost immediately after the treatment.

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