Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seek Right Spider Veins Treatment Before It Is Too Late

Beautiful legs with flawless skin are no less than an asset. Men and women these days love to wear various types of fashionable clothing to match their style and to flaunt their legs. But sometimes due to spider veins, the natural beauty and attractiveness of the legs get stained. These are problematic veins that make legs appear unsightly and blemished.

Many people who suffer from spider veins tend to ignore them till they become really painful. Not only these spider veins make the legs appear ugly but if not treated well in time, they become painful to the point that walking a small distance becomes painful. It is thus of great importance that proper treatment for these veins be sought well in time to avoid any complications. Hereditary obesity, use of birth control pills, constant standing, hormonal replacement, injury to skin are a few factors that can lead to emergence of these veins.

Sclerotherapy and laser vein treatment are the two types of spider veins treatment that can be used to effectively treat the spider veins. The process of sclerotherapy involves injecting a liquid agent through a tiny needle into the problem areas. This results in contraction or collapse of spider veins. It is a relatively painless procedure and just takes an hour. An Ace bandage or compress hose is used for about a week to 10 days. With every session of sclerotherapy, you can notice a visible 50% improvement in the appearance and complete reduction may result as the treatment progresses.

Laser treatment on the other hand is a form of treating these spider veins in which very fine and well controlled laser light is used. The use of this light results in coagulation and fading of the veins. Slight bruising may be noticed but that goes away on its on in a few days’ time.

If you have been hiding your legs due to spider veins and refraining from wearing your favorite clothing, it is the time to seek the right spider vein treatment. For the right treatment option for your problematic areas, seek advise of your primary care physician or family doctor to seek the results you deserve.

With the right treatment, you will get rid from the hideous and prominent spider veins. You will no longer need to cover up while at the pool or the beach. Seek the treatment before the veins become painful and highly problematic.

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