Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disney Character List J

Jack Jack The Incredibles
Jack Sparrow Pirates of
the Caribbean
Jafar Aladdin
James Norrington Pirates
of the Caribbean
Jane Mary Poppins
Jane Tarzan
Jaq Cinderella
Jaq Finding Nemo
Jasper 101 Dalmatians
Jessica Rabbit Who
Framed Roger Rabbit
Jessie Toy Story
Jetsam The Little Mermaid
Jim Dear Lady and the
Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio
Jock Lady and the Tramp
John Peter Pan
John Smith Pocahontas
Joshamee Gibbs Pirates
of the Caribbean
Judge Claude Frollo
Hunchback of Notre dame
Judge Doom Who Framed
Roger Rabbit
Jumba Lilo & Stitch

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