Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney Character A

Disney characters in alphabetical

Abby Mallard Chicken Little
Abigail Gabble Aristocats
Abu Aladdin
Agent Pleakley Lilo & Stitch
Akela The Jungle Book
Al Toy Story
Aladdin Aladdin
Alan-a-Dale Robin Hood
Alcmene Hercules
Alfred Linguini Ratatouille
Ali Babba Aladdin
Alice Alice in Wonderland
Amelia Gabble Aristocats
Amphitryon Hercules
Anastasia Cinderella
Andy Toy Story
Anita 101 Dalmations
Archdeacon Hunchback
of Notre Dame
Ariel Little Mermaid
Atropos Hercules
Aunt Sara Lady and the
Aurora Sleeping Beauty
Auto Pilot Wall-E

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