Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to find the Right Spider Veins Treatment

Beautiful legs have always fascinated men and women who love to wear certain style of clothes always make sure that their legs look attractive. But nothing can mar the beauty of legs faster than spider veins that come with age. If you are concerned with unsightly spider veins that prevent you from wearing your favourite dresses and looking for right spider vein treatment, then this write-up will help you a great deal.

Having a better understanding of reasons that cause spider veins is important to discern the right spider veins treatment. This long, thin, and scraggly vein which ranges from dark red to dark purple in colour is generally found in the upper thigh area, but it is not unusual to find it on shin as well. The most common cause of such condition is excessive weight gain over a short period of time. However basic obesity is not the only cause of these veins, rather pregnancy weight gain, genetics, hormones, injury or trauma also contribute towards spider veins.

As part of body’s circulatory system, veins carry blood back to the heart after it has delivered nutrients to the body's tissues. One-way valves present inside these veins ensure that the blood travels only toward the heart and are responsible for separating veins into many internal segments.

If these valves stop working properly, blood tends to "build up" in a particular segment of the vein. This build up increases the pressure on the vein and causes its walls to stretch which later transforms into micro-tears and leaks that allow blood and metabolism by-products to seep out and stain the outside of the veins. If left untreated, it works just like domino effect and leads to valve failure in neighbouring segments. That’s why small spider veins are likely to grow into large ones with time if nothing is done.

In general, there are two popular spider veins treatment options for a woman to choose from. Sclerotherapy is a treatment that is mostly for veins that are more of cosmetic nuisances than anything else. It involves injecting the veins with medicine which leads to vein eventually collapsing back into the leg. Laser therapy is for those veins which have serious circulatory problems such as a clot. Consistent stiffness and ache in the legs is a dead giveaway that you have circulatory problem.

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