Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Titan Skin Tightening: Stay Young Naturally

Surgical facelifts have always been an effective way to combat the sign of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. But non-surgical facelifts are fast overtaking their popularity as these procedures are non-invasive, quick and often no downtime at all. One such cosmetic procedure which is taking the world by storm is Titan skin tightening. Laser treatments basically work on the collagen lying immediately under the skin which stretches and sag with time. Using safe infrared source with most modern wavelength filtering, the deeper dermis is heated without burning a hole in the skin which is contact cooled continuous. A device known as Titan hand piece is used in the procedure that can last anything from 10 minutes to an hour.

The best thing about
Titan skin tightening is that along with regular problem areas like cheeks, neck, jowls and forehead, it is effective on just about any part of the body including thighs, abdomen, and upper arms etc. that are usually considered difficult areas to treat. In most cases, only a single sitting is necessary and results become apparent within a few weeks. But it can take anywhere between three to eight months for any real progress to become evident. It could be due to the fact that existing collagen stimulated by titan takes time to thicken and new collagen to form.

Titan skin tightening works equally well for men as well as women who feel that their skin is sagging or becoming too loose. Unless your skin is severely damaged by sun or has excessive wrinkles, it will benefit from Titan laser. What makes it ideal is the fact that it is completely non-invasive, non-surgical with practically no downtime. Since the process is only mildly painful, no sedatives or anaesthesia is administered. At most, topical numbing cream is applied to the area before the treatment. There are virtually no side effects other than redness and mild swelling which subsides within a few hours.

Medispa at Shrewsbury brings to you latest and the most advanced medical technologies to help you put your best foot forward. They combine art and medicine to safely, comfortably, and reliably rejuvenate your skin by newest and most sophisticated Titan skin tightening.

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